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Yield Your Tongue Unto God
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Be Courageous In The LORD! In His Spirit Is Peace And Joy Turn Your Heart Back Toward GOD! Don’t Be Eternally Separated! Be Encouraged In A Discouraging … Let The LIGHT In! GOD Doesn’t Forsake His Own! Do Not Delay!   The Access Is Made! A Tribute To The Savior Stand Firm Upon The Corner Stone Don’t Reject Your Salvation! GOD Knows Your Hidden Plans Two Wines He Knows Where The False Ones…
People often seek love in all the wrong places; but the love of God is the most pure, sincere kind of love that can be found in the hearts of those who have received him. With the fulness of His love in our hearts, He gives us the ability to love others with that healthy love that shows the example of His love in our lives. That, in turn, identifies us as belonging to Him. In John chapter 15 verse 12, Jesus says, “This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. “ Also take a look at 1 John chapter 4 verse 11 where it states, “Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another. “ Never forget God most certainly loves you! Trust in Him through Jesus Christ Our Lord! Evangelist LaNora Means
Never Bow To False gods Get Ready!   Be Ready!   Stay Ready! All Times Are Appointed You Can’t Earn It-It’s FREE! Stay Humble Before GOD! These Times Are SURE! The Depth Of CHRIST’S Love Trust Him-He Will Never Forsake You He Honors His Promises-… GOD GIVES THE INCREASE! Do You Really WANT To Be Healed? Are You Hid In Christ? GOD IS Your Total Provider! Call Upon JESUS! HE IS ALWAYS .. Be Obedient To Be Healed! A New Body That Pleases Him Are You Fully Clothed In JESUS? Remain In GOD’s Perfect Love Contentment Is Found In JESUS! Yield Your Tongue Unto God Rejoicing In Adversities Perfect Peace Is In GOD! Be Reconciled Unto GOD! His Mercy Is True-His Judgments .. Knowing JESUS For Who HE IS Stability And Deliverance Belongs … JESUS Covers It ALL! DIVINE COVENANTS JESUS-GOD’s Great LIGHT! Serving The Only True GOD! Stand Firm In The Fear Of GOD! With An Humble Heart! Our Refuge Is In The TRUE GOD! Perfected In The Love Of Christ THE ASSURANCE OF OUR .. Serving One Another In JESUS! The Supreme Sacrifice-The Eternal .. Spend Time In The Prayer Room! Some Reasons For Unanswered .. Hindrances To Prayer Be Purified In JESUS! Your Reaping Day Will Come Regeneration And Empowerment Do You Know God As Your Father? The Wind Of The Spirit The Powerful Name Of JESUS! Nothing Can Separate Us … The Power Behind Your Words! Reaching For The Master’s Hand Covered In Healing Hope In The Midst… JESUS-The Word Became Flesh We Are All One In Christ Jesus GOD Rebuilds Lives Be Clothed In HIS Righteousness Be Clothed In HIS … Part 2 In The Beginning GOD! We Must Watch And Pray Traveling Through This Life LORD, Be My Refuge! TOTAL ACCEPTANCE GOD’s WORD IS ETERNAL Live Victoriously In JESUS! WE SHALL COME FORTH! Firstfruits