Evangelist LaNora Means
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Fruit Of The Spirit
In Galatians 5:22-23 there are attitudes displayed in the results of righteousness in a Christian life that are exhibited as habits and principles on how to live fruitful. These attitudes are to be lived as actions of righteousness. An illustration that our Lord used in His Word can be found in John chapter 15 where He speaks about abiding in the vine. That vine is Christ. As trees are known for the fruit they bear, so the Christian life also is to bear the gracious habits that are produced by The Holy Spirit. This fruit is not based on fleshly works; but, instead, it is based on the righteousness and truth of what is acceptable to The Lord and obedience to His Word. Refer to Ephesians 5:9. This means that this is not virtues attained apart from being in the vine, which is Christ; for, being in Christ produces that growth that is needed for each of these graces to work as a whole as fruit, not fruits being separate. It has to be applied as a whole. This is not worldly traits but righteous graces. LaNora
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